We travel back to the 60s....

... and share with you the best childhood memories.

Who still knows?

Toast Hawaii, Mom's and Grandma's smock aprons, the steam engine as a construction kit model, knight figures, plastic pop, Disney's Jungle Book, Ministeck and Nopper building blocks, push-button figures or metal humming tops.

And, of course, what must not be missing in any memory:


Many of you probably still know the old model Dakota, Spa and Barcelona.......

KETTLER was founded in 1949 by Heinz Kettler and the pedal car KETTCAR became a worldwide success in 1962!

Various models followed and each one was unique!

We, as the new KETTLER Trading GmbH want to revive old memories but also enable new memories and experiences!

Since the development of a new KETTLER KETTCARS is very, very close to our hearts, now you come into play:

1. what should the new original KETTLER KETTCAR be called?

2. should the new KETTCAR be retro - like back then ?

3. or would you prefer a totally new design?

4. which colors would be your favorite?

5. pneumatic tires or solid rubber wheels?

2 Kettcar mit Kindern


Your feedback is important to us - our service team collects all your feedback in a huge idea pool, we appreciate every single message.

Send feedback

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Share your moments on Instagram or Facebook and use the hashtag #kettlerkettcar;-)

And as a reward among all participants - whether by email or via the social media channels we raffle:

1x an original KETTLER KETTCAR

as soon as it is available!

Are you with us?

KETTCAR Barcelona Air
KETTCAR Modell 2010