We grant a 2-year guarantee on all KETTLER products in the Kind + Play area. This begins from the date of delivery of the product and includes breakage and deformation damage due to processing or material defects.

The guarantee does not cover damage that is based on normal wear and tear and can be traced back to improper or improper use, for example:

  • lack of care and maintenance
  • Fall
  • Overload
  • Changes to the frame or fork or by adding and converting additional parts

Whether a repair, an equivalent replacement or the delivery of a spare part is carried out is up to KETTLER to decide.

Some parts such as handles, brake plates, wheels, springs, foam pads, frame pads can wear out over time, even with proper use, and are not covered by the guarantee. The guarantee is also void if KETTLER products have been purchased from a second hand.

Due to a business takeover, the guarantee can only be used for models that can be proven to have been purchased from KETTLER Trading GmbH after 2020.

We also grant a 2-year guarantee for table tennis, the service begins on the date of delivery of the product. For the panels themselves, we even give a 10-year guarantee, which relates to the durability of the outdoor surface, for defects that can be proven to be due to a material or manufacturing defect, but in particular for:

  • constant mechanical properties
  • high impact and breaking strength when used as intended
  • the weather resistance and lightfastness indoors and outdoors according to EN 438-2 section 29 (EN ISO 4892-2), grade 3.

Not included are damage due to improper use or improper cleaning and care, as well as damage caused by sand or abrasives.

By providing guarantee services, the guarantee period for the product is neither extended nor started again.

Our KETTLER service team is of course there for you for all questions relating to the guarantee and warranty and will help you promptly.