Why the KETTLER Scooter ZERO 8 is also great for adults!

I live in the beautiful capital Berlin, a bit on the outskirts, but as soon as you jet into the center I meet more and more E-Scooter....

The e-scooter was originally planned for people to get the "last kilometer" home, should the bus not run or you have a slightly longer walk from the train or bus stop home.

But if I'm honest:

For me, the e-scooter on the outskirts of Berlin brings nothing, because that is beyond the reach of the great network. Who would bring the scooter back from the outskirts to the city center? You can't!

💚And that's when I discovered the KETTLER Zero 8 for myself.💚

My son is the proud owner of its little brother, the Zero 6, and I thought:

Why not? - What my child can do, I can do too. 💪

So: Swoosh, I ordered the KETTLER Zero 8. In the classic, discreet black, it is nice and simple and with 100 kg weight load, the scooter also fits great with my 66 kg, And if my son likes, then I take him sometimes on my great vehicle. The frame is light, but still stable and drives through the ball bearings very quiet and safe.


I ride it to the bus or train, from the train to work and back again.


Yes, I even ride it to the car sometimes because I currently have to park so far away due to a construction site that I have almost a 20 minute walk. Folded up quickly, it fits in the trunk. Even my husband now uses my scooter hack for the car 😉 Because of the height-adjustable handlebars, it is super easy to adjust to the right size.


When my son has a friend over, I always have a 2nd scooter and send the boys "out for some fresh air"-by the way, my son says that's a "classic parenting phrase"...so I have time for other things while the kids are out having fun.

All in all:

I believe that we adults can also have fun with the KETTLER Zero 8! The scooter is the perfect alternative to other riding devices, is stylish and robust! I feel like I'm back in my childhood and I'm already dreaming of driving a kettcar again at my age...hach!

Your Silke

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