Our KETTLER Quality Approach


KETTLER stands for high quality standards, technological innovations and modern design.
Quality already starts in the development stage.
Well thought-out and carefully designed product ideas form the foundation for good quality. KETTLER also applies high standards to the use of materials and their processing.
A careful selection of materials and a permanent control of the manufacturing processes ensure the quality, longevity and thus also the sustainability of our products.

Independent quality seals confirm this:
The TÜV / GS seal stands for tested safety within the framework of DIN and European standards. Here, technical properties
as well as material and processing are tested and evaluated by an independent institute. For the safety of your children
KETTLER has every play article tested.

The Stiftung Warentest tests and evaluates products in independent institutes. Here, criteria such as safety, durability and handling are tested using scientific methods and then awarded the grades "Very good" to "Not sufficient".

The spiel guttoy quality sealis awarded to toys for children aged 0 to 14. The products are assessed according to specific criteria and evaluated in practical text and by volunteer experts .

The spiel gut quality seal means that a child's toy meets certain criteria for an educationally valuable and environmentally compatible toy.

The orange spiel gut seal is awarded to demonstrably good toys in accordance with the evaluation criteria of the Arbeitsausschuss Kinderspiel + Spielzeug e.V. (Working Committee for Children's Games + Toys) after successful testing by experts and practical testing by children in families and institutions such as kindergartens and schools. Only toys that meet the strict requirements are allowed to carry this seal. That is why the spiel gut seal is one of the most important and well-known awards for toys in Germany.

With the products from our KettlerShop can count on exactly these quality standards. Convince yourself!

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