High quality Kettler Kettcars for children.

Who does not know our popular Kettler Kettcars from the past? Many children had a Kettcar and drove it around for hours. The Kettler Kettcar made every child's eyes light up.

Anyone who has followed the history of Kettler knows that the company has gone through hard times. But we are not giving up and will soon be able to offer our Kettler Kettcars again.

Kettler Kettcars - A tradition since 1962

The 1960s were quite a wonderful time, when dissent was as much a part of everyday life as protest and change. Especially the latter was in abundance. Many technical achievements and innovations come from this time, just think of television. The black-and-white television set was replaced by the color television set, and in the 1960s the radio no longer played only in mono, but also in stereo. So many things can be named, which have your origin in the 60s.

So also the invention of the Gokarts, which originate from the USA. There the first Kettcar of its kind was presented already 1853 on a fair. The fact that such a successful product as the Kettler Kettcar came onto the market in Germany at all is thanks to the father of all Kettcars - Heinz Kettler.

He brought the idea for this wonderful toy car to Germany in the 1960s and made millions of children just as happy then as they are now. Since then, there have been many imitators who have also brought useful go-karts onto the market - but the real classic among go-karts is the Kettler Kettcar and will probably always remain so.

For the children and teenagers of that time there was a very wonderful invention that came from the house of Kettler. It revolutionized a hitherto very well-known and also frequently used children's toy - the pedal car. In 1962 the first Kettcar left the Kettler factory in Ense-Parsit. The special thing about it was that the Kettcar had a chain and could be ridden similar to a bicycle. This technology was new and paved the way for a success story - Made in Germany. Since then the Kettler Kettcar has been sold over 15 million times and is one of the best known and most popular toys of its kind. Just about everyone of this generation and, of course, subsequent generations has come into contact with a Kettler Kettcar since the 1960s. And even today you can stillbuya Kettler Kettcar - of course, some things have changed about the nippy runabout since the 1960s. Today, the models from the house of Kettler are a lot sleeker than years ago and also in the areas of technology and design has changed a lot - but a quality product is a Keller Kettcar undoubtedly still today. So many enthusiastic customers confirm this. Take a look for yourself at our offers and buy your Kettler Kettcar cheap with us in the store...

Kettler Kettcar - awakens childhood memories

Most parents who today want tobuyyour children a Kettler Kettcar were not so long ago themselves enthusiastic Kettcar drivers or Kettcar driver. For many, the sight of a kettcar or the wild rides of your children awakens wonderful childhood memories. Wild street races with the neighborhood kids, snappy overtaking maneuvers, up and down the hills and now and then the one or other fall - these are vivid memories of a true cult car.

The ideal Kettcar for your child.

Looking for the perfect gift for your child? Or you want to make another child or yourself a huge joy? Then the Kettler Kettcar is always right. Fast-paced driving fun, sporty design and usual Kettler quality characterize the high-quality go-kart models of Kettler Kettcar.

Kettler Kettcar 

The ideal Kettcar for toddlers, in the category 5 - 11 years, there is the right selection of go-karts for children and in the category 5 - 99 years, the range for adults. new Kettler pedal car have free of charge your new Kettler Kettcar.

With a Kettler Kettcar driving is fun from the first minute . The chic design of the small go-karts for 5-11 years is really stunning and attracts all eyes and the driving experience is reminiscent of the great role models. What could be better than to let the wind whiz around your ears in a Kettler pedal car?


  • Franzi

    @IRIS Vielen Dank für deine schöne Nachricht – Ja wir freuen uns auch riesig, bald wieder ein Original KETTCAR anzubieten. Ihr dürft gespannt sein!!

  • Franzi


    Danke für deine Anfrage. Leider haben wir keine Ersatzteile von alten KETTCAR-Modelle mehr :(

  • Brenda Ivy

    I am look for the plastic logo on front of the paddle car It is made of plastic and is white or maybe gray. Trying to restore for my grandson It read kettcar that goes across the front axle I am also looking for the original pedals Please help if ya can The little paddle car is yellow and has a neutral shift in the center of it I have lóoked everywhere Thanks

  • Nikos

    Hallo ich brauche ein ersatzteil von kettcar indianapolis air kann man bei euch bestellen danke

  • Iris

    Guten Tag. Wir sind ein Ehepaar um die 40 J.a. Wir haben beide als Kinder ein Kettcar gehabt. Die zwei Kettcars gibt es heute noch und werden von unseren Kindern benutzt. Da das eine Kettcar im Ausland ist und nur im Urlaub benutzt werden kann haben wir nach einem neuen geguckt und waren enttäuscht zu sehen, dass die nicht mehr produziert werden.
    Als unsere Kinder heute wieder fahren wollten dachte ich „ich google mal wieder nach einem Kettcar…wer weiss“.
    Wir freuen uns sehr, dass es die originale Kettcars bald wieder gibt! Alles andere auf dem Markt ist nicht vergleichbar.

    Mit freundlichen Grüssen,


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